Frequently asked questions

Who could benefit from vibroacoustic therapy?

The most general goal is to provide the client with deep relaxation that helps to regulate breathing, reduce anxiety, stress and pain, relieve mental and physical strain, improve mental clarity and increase well-being.

Is there any contraindications to vibroacoustic therapy?

Contraindications to VAT: acute inflammation, pacemaker and cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, risk of thrombosis, gastric ulcers, open wound, gall-, kidney-, bladder stones and -sand, and pregnancy.

How is vibroacoustic therapy session carried out?

Session is carried out in a lying position with clothes on. Before and after the impact of VAT, there is a conversation to set goals and reflect on the session.

What is the difference between vibroacoustic therapy and ordinary massage?

The difference is that due to the low-frequency pure sounds used, the human body is affected deeper and more extensively during vibroacoustic therapy than with manual massage. At the same time, it feels extremely delicate in nature, without direct manual contact and without the need to undress.